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    IP Niches

    • Up in Smoke: How to Protect Cannabis Brands

    • Take It to the Runway: Succeeding in Fashion IP Law

    • #IP #TRADEMARKS: New Media, Hashtags, Trademarks & Brand Protection

    • Creative Strategies for IP Protection in the Food Industry

    • Keeping IP in the IPAs: The Bitter Truth about Trademarks for Breweries

    • What are Esports? A Video Q&A with IP Attorney Anna Chang

    • Stars: They file Trademarks just like we Do! (Part 1)

    • Stars: They file Trademarks just like we Do! (Part 2)

    • Memes and IP Protection

    • Activism or Opportunism? Protests Inspire New Trademark Applications

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    • Smash That Like Button: Leveraging Social Media to Grow Your Practice

    • Nailing Your Niche: Establishing Expertise to Generate Publicity

    • Marketing in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

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    Firm Management

    • Impeccable Intake

    • Virtual Paralegal 101 - How to successfully support stakeholders while working remotely

    • Interview with Sam Mazzeo

    • Interview with Neidy Hornsby

    • How to Capture and Serve Clients Better in the new work-from-home Age

    • Getting to 100%: Managing receivables, avoiding missed payments, and maintaining sufficient revenues in this crazy time

    • Virtually Perfect Practice: Making Your Virtual Law Firm Succeed

    • Modernize Your Approach to Trademarks: Understanding the Trademark Modernization Act

    • Beyond the Docket: Aiden Durham

    • Beyond the Docket: Karima Gulick

    • Tips for Building Your Law Firm Technology Stack

    • Black Lives Matter Lawyer Resource Page

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    Practice Tips and Legal Issues

    • Win/Win Partnerships: In-House and Outside Counsel Collaboration on Trademarks in the Restaurant Industry

    • No More Reservations for Courts Confirm It’s a Trademark

    • Combating Fake Specimens, Trademark Clutter and Depletion: An Interview with NYU Law Professor Jeanne Fromer

    • Stop Marketing up the Wrong Tree: Make 2021 Your Best (Business Development) Year Ever!

    • Policing your clients’ marks with a §2(d) Watch Service and More

    • A Matter of Principal: Clarifying Principal v. Supplemental Registers

    • Filing Letters of Protest

    • Search TESS like a Trademark Examiner

    • Searching Rescue: Advanced TESS Searches

    • What's your Major Malfunction?: Breaking down the USPTO's Strange new Breed of Failure to Function Refusals

    • Uncommon Knowledge - Priority and Common Law Trademark Rights

    • Commencing Commerce: Meeting USPTO Definitions of Use in Commerce

    • A Coordinated Effort: How to Use the USPTO's Coordinated Classes to Perform Better Knock Out Seraches

    • Keep it on the 44(d)ownlow: Filing Trademark Applications Abroad to Preserve Confidentiality and Priority

    • Restoration by Modernization: How the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 Supports Consumer Expectations and Promotes Access to Justice

    • To the Left, to the Left: An Introduction to Copyleft and Open Source Software

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    Office Actions

    • Office Actions, Rejections, and Pivoting, Oh My!

    • Who You Calling Generic?: Responding to Generic and Descriptive Office Actions

    • In 2(d)eep: How to Effectively Respond to 2(d) Refusals

    • How to Use a Trademark Consent Agreement to Overcome a 2(d) Refusal

    • Spectacular Specimens

    • A Distinct Category: How to Overcome a 2(e)(1) Refusal

    • What the 2(f)?: Demonstrating Acquired Distinctiveness