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Alt Legal Connect 2020 Sessions

  • 1

    Firm Operations

    • Top Technology Tools to Streamline Your Law Practice (Niki Black)

    • Building a Subscription Practice (Jason Foscolo, Kimberly Bennett, Jon Tobin)

    • The Wow Factor: Differentiating Yourself and Your Legal Practice (Sonia Lakhany)

    • Growing Your Practice with Digital Marketing (Abe Lichy, Andrea Sager, Karima Gulick, Kristen Gonzales Roberts)

    • Bootstrapping Your Practice (Brandon Leavitt)

    • What In-house Clients Really Want and How to Deliver It (Lynne Boisineau, Sejal Patel Richbourg, Sofya Nadgorny, Susan Milloy)

    • Keynote - Defining Diversity (David Lat)

    • Culturally Relevant Representation (Ticora Davis)

    • Keynote - Creating a Client-Centered Law Firm (Jack Newton)

  • 2

    Trademark Practice

    • Licensing: Using Trademarks and Copyrights as Business Assets (Chris Ott, Stephanie Pottick)

    • When It Isn’t What It Is: Maintaining Brand Distinctiveness and Avoiding “Genericide” (Joshua Jarvis, Tish Berard)

    • At Home and Abroad: Building and Protecting a Strong International Brand (Ainslee A. Schreiber, Carlos Cucurella)

    • Getting into the Weeds: Cannabis Law and IP Protection (Amanda Conley, Shabnam Malek)

    • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nontraditional Trademarks (But Were Afraid to Ask) (Ed Timberlake)

    • A Thorough Examination: An Interview with a Recent Trademark Examiner (Courtney M. Alvarez, Dorna Mohaghegh)

    • A Trademark Attorney’s Guide to the OED - and How to Avoid Inadvertent Ethical Violations (Emil Ali)

    • Filing Trademarks with an Eye Towards Litigation (Caroline Fox)

    • What You Need to Know about the USPTO’s Post-Registration Audit Program (Allison Ricketts)

  • 3

    Opening & Closing Remarks

    • Opening Remarks: Nehal Madhani

    • Closing Remarks: Nehal Madhani